Jun 18


As our state reopens for business, Union Public Service District, in accordance with guidance from the Public Service Commission of West Virginia will soon resume terminations of water service for non-payment of sewer bills. Termination notices issued after July 1, 2020 will be valid and actionable, and West Virginia American Water will begin working our termination orders in August 2020. If you remain unable to pay your bill and need to arrange a payment plan you must contact our office before your termination date in August.



As we continue to learn more from national and state authorities about COVID-19, we are acting on their recommendations to take additional precautions to protect our customers and employees.

Beginning May 4th UNION P. S. D. will resume taking walk-in payments in our lobby. In order to maintain social distance guidelines we will be limiting lobby occupancy to 1 customer at a time. We ask that unless you need to pay cash in the lobby, to send your payment through the mail, use our drop-box (by check or money order), or use our website : www.unionpsd.com instead.


Union PSD has temporarily suspended all service disconnections for non-payment. We know our customers are concerned about their families, and ensuring they have reliable water and sewer service allows them to focus on staying healthy and well. Because you will still accrue all normal charges for service as authorized in our tariff, we strongly urge customers to make every effort to keep their accounts current during the period when disconnections are suspended.

Billing Cycle

Our billing cycle is as follows:

  1. Bills are generated and mailed the last business day of the month.  Bills are due upon receipt and are past due 20 days after the bill date.
  2. Your water service will be subject to termination for non-pay of your sewer bill 32 days after the bill date.
  3. You will be responsible to pay your past due balance plus a disconnect / reconnect fee of $50.00 and subject to a deposit of $80.00 if you don’t already have one on file before your water service can be restored if disconnected.  Water service is only restored during normal business hours.

Monthly Board Meetings

Monthly board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 4:00 PM.  The public is welcome to attend. Meetings are held at the Union PSD office at 5110 Washington Street West, Cross Lanes, WV  25313